Who We Are

What Drives Us

We strive to make the world a better place; as a people we are constantly changing, our economy changes, our laws change, our environment changes, our expectations change.

In a world full of infection and disease, Crebisol can make the difference.

At Crebisol we believe this is the only product you need, and our aim is to make that belief seen around the world.

This way we can greatly impact people’s lives for the better.

Our Story

…Starts with a successful businessman.

A rugby enthusiast who succumbed to a serious back injury whilst playing. Needing surgery, he was admitted to hospital and it was during his exhausting stretch in hospital that he caught an infection, MRSA.

After contracting MRSA, he was isolated in a hospital room and various tests were administered; unfortunately, not responding to the treatments, his condition deteriorated leaving him in a critical state.

His wife, a qualified nurse ensured the highest level of hygiene was maintained in the room and controlled the flow of any who entered.
After a gruelling stint in hospital he was eventually discharged.

Under home isolation and determined to move past this traumatic chapter in his life – he researched for weeks finding out all that he could on viruses, cleaning and protecting.

Thinking there might be an opportunity to help others in the same situation, he turned to his old business rolodex. He called an old friend, a specialist in chemical engineering to ask if he would develop a product that not only kills the bacterial strain but cleans simultaneously. It was that very discussion that allowed Crebisol to be born!

Crebisol was developed over a 7 year period; it was in the early hours of a Spring morning that the components finally stabilised together. The rigorous testing of hot and cold conditions that Crebisol had been subjected to had been overcome at last and the decision was reached to go to market.

Since then, the company has been restructured, rebranded and is now is used in numerous industries and has been tested to the highest standards to ensure we can back up the science in our proclamations.

We have grown from our past.

All of our paths have led to this point and journey is only beginning.


Developing innovative biocidal cleaning products and solutions that protect and promote healthier lives

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